Don’t Drown In a Traditional Firm. Ride the Digital Wave.

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Lex Tecnica is a digital law firm – where you help disrupt the traditional legal model.

The legal industry is stuck in the 1800s. Associates grind for years hoping to become partners, juggling the pressures of getting enough hours, rarely interacting with clients, and only making a small percentage of what they bill. This is not why you went to law school!

A partner at a prestigious firm once said associates are like mushrooms – keep them in the dark – and feed them just enough to not go anywhere. No wonder people hate lawyers.

Lex Tecnica offers a long awaited alternative. Instead of treating other attorneys like mushrooms, we treat our partners and associates like neighbors.


Work Anywhere.

Enjoy the flexibility of working from your preferred location, anywhere in the world.

Earn Yours.

Lex Tecnica flips the billing model on its head. Instead of giving our attorneys only a small percentage of what they bill, we pay you 70% of what your clients pay you.

Be You.

Founded and led by attorneys with decades and billions of dollars of business and government experience, Lex Tecnica is here to help you thrive in the digital world.


Tech and Software (Lexis, Word, Adobe, etc.)
Form banks, and colleague advice
Medical and professional insurance
Admin support services
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