Get what you pay for.

The legal profession is stuck in an old and busted model. Attorneys charge for services the same way they have since the 1800s. Attorneys only make money if they are billing you for their time.

The result?

Clients question whether attorneys are more interested in billing – than helping.

Lex Tecnica offers a disruptive alternative. Hire your preferred legal professional as your fractional general counsel, at a reduced rate in exchange for a small piece of equity, and get the benefit of legal expertise without the conflicts of outside counsel.

Below are samples of payment options for discussion purposes only. To be binding upon us, discounts/payment terms must be memorialized in a retention letter.

Retainer Options
Cost Example
Traditional Hourly/Retainer
Retainer plus $450-$850 an hour
Pay only for what you need when you need it
Highest cost/lowest alignment of interest
Transaction Based
Contracts - $100 per page / Trademarks $400 per class / Trusts $1,500, etc.
Fixed rate, limited cost and engagement
Limited visibility for the attorney on the broader business strategy and purpose
Digital General Counsel - Hourly
Hourly - Discounted hourly / Equity Split (e.g. $850 an hour discounted to $350 with $550 in equity per hour worked)
True alignment of interest, fosters greatest loyalty and room for strategy
Incentivizes attorney to justify more hourly work to earn more equity
Best Value!
Digital General Counsel – Salary
Salary - A monthly salary rate for a fixed number of hours each week, and a discounted rate for time thereafter, plus % of equity
True alignment of interest, fosters greatest loyalty and room for strategy
Best option/value/alignment.
Available for a premium upon request
Rapid, focused turn around
Rushed work and limited visibility for the attorney on the broader

Legal Service Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Custom tailored cost structures ensure you are getting the personalized and high impact attention you want from an attorney. Lex Tecnica attorneys want a long term relationship focused on helping "us" win.
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