Lex Tecnica was founded by attorneys with decades of in-house legal experience. Our goal is to change the legal landscape, so businesses can thrive and change the world - by offering high caliber in-house counsel at a fractional rate. We accept a discounted rate in exchange for equity so you can afford a high powered attorney at a fraction of the cost.

​Outside-counsel attorneys often seem more focused on billing than on winning. Lex Tecnica's attorneys bring in-house counsel loyalty and strategy with national firm expertise and support to help you move the mountains and build the bridges necessary for your business to thrive. We view obstacles as steps up to a higher path, and believe conflict is the richest soil for innovation and growth.

All Lex Tecnica attorneys donate a portion of their time to pro bono matters including efforts to support the underserved and underrepresented groups like the disabled, children, and those struggling with poverty. Lex Tecnica knows that serving others is an essential characteristic of humanity.

YOUR Lex Tecnica TEAM

Unlike traditional law firms that use partners to sell you and then pass you off to younger associates, Lex Tecnica lets you pick the legal professionals best suited for your business needs. Find the best fit for you and your team's legal needs from attorneys who balance legal intelligence with emotional intelligence. When you hire a Lex Tecnica partner, you not only get their expertise, but the expertise of the entire firm to support your business.


Identify your legal needs, goals, and budget. Explore alternative billing options from hourly to fractional general counsel services where the attorneys are paid in equity and a monthly rate.


Browse the Lex Tecnica Attorneys, considering their experience, personality strengths, and educational history to find the best match.


Fill out the “Go Digital” form. Identify which 3 attorneys you want to interview. Also tell us why you and your company are a good match for Lex Tecnica. Lex Tecnica is picky to ensure the best fit and increase the potential for success.


Interested attorneys will contact you for a match evaluation, and discuss your business in a cross-interview to ensure you both agree they will best meet for your needs, culture and business objectives.


Hire the attorney knowing that you have their expertise and focus and are backed by a diverse firm of legal ninjas all interested in helping your business soar.

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